I dont like the new event box , the old way i could get cards alot eaiser , i wouldnt mind it as much if it werent 200 N , thats abit to extreme , i know you get like 100+ summon tickets from event , but it can all be nerfed , as long as you dont have to go through 200N to get to 1 SR or even 300+ cards for 1 UR , it feels like step up then. I wouldnt mind as much if they kept the Box summon the same but added the old system to , that way you can atleast get both AW instead of just one , and also be able to get deseried cards for horrible RNG people.

Alliance battels: I dont relly care for , my allaince died when i came back , and when i started i thought getting UR and SR copy card was WAY To hard without paying , still do.

I want the FAW , she looks so cool! i love foxes!~ 

I hate that its gotten so much harder to fight the witches! I sturrgle alot now because i keep getting my buff/debuff erased within a turn or 2 of it being set for the frist one , so i usally have to trash one to get the rest , yea sure i like how its only 1 time now , but still , right after you just did it , its gone , that puts up to much of a challnge for noobs to.

I like how they added a few new summon things , but using the cores x300 for a ticket , abit to much , ive only gotten around 100 for killing about 50+ witches , if anything add them to the Gate witches to so anyone who farms them can get them eaiser without having to relly soley on Normal witches

Tell me your opionons if you feel like it , tell me if you have any idea why they sudunly stopped and said , heres a new way to get your AW

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