• Silentfreeze

    Card Stats

    July 13, 2013 by Silentfreeze

    Just recently I saw someone giving their findings to evolution stats. Thanks to PigeonBreak's results, I somehow manage to find the stat formulas. I just want to make a few notes though of what seems to be consistent. Note that I only found this for evolutions. I do not know how amalgamation stats work or if they even following the same formula as some amalgamation takes more than 2 cards to use (i.e. Lightning, Jiang Shi)


    • Stat formula for evolution: [(Material Card 1 + Material Card 2)/2] * .1 + Base stats of next stage
    • The H version of any card is has 10% stats of its original.
      • This means if a card has a base stat of 1800 atk, it is likely that the HN version has 1980 atk.
      • For intermediate stage cards, stage 0 cards going to be the …
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  • Silentfreeze

    Wiki Editing

    June 27, 2013 by Silentfreeze

    Alright, since it seems like more and more people are interested in helping this wiki out, I want to put this up to make sure people who just helped out would know what they are doing. I understand this may seem out of the ordinary but just a while ago I had to fix the template for card quotes. It was edited once before due to a reported accident and it wasn't such a big deal, nor was this case. However, since the edit function in any character page allows an edit next to certain headers, problems may occur, in this case, every card had the same max quote for a while. It has been fixed already so no problems for now. (only problem now is that I don't even know where that quote is suppose to only hint was that it belonged to a cat,…

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