Alright, since it seems like more and more people are interested in helping this wiki out, I want to put this up to make sure people who just helped out would know what they are doing. I understand this may seem out of the ordinary but just a while ago I had to fix the template for card quotes. It was edited once before due to a reported accident and it wasn't such a big deal, nor was this case. However, since the edit function in any character page allows an edit next to certain headers, problems may occur, in this case, every card had the same max quote for a while. It has been fixed already so no problems for now. (only problem now is that I don't even know where that quote is suppose to only hint was that it belonged to a cat, and it was not Boots Cat. Maybe Cait Sith, not sure.)

Anyways just to make it simple. If anyone ever wants to edit a card page, click on the edit button at the top of the page next to the card name. Do not click on the hyperlinks next to Quotes or Character Affection Quotes as editing those will edit the template "Card Quotes" which is what most cards use. Editing the template will affect every card.

If new cards are being added in, we are currently using 2 templates. To add a template, select "Add other templates" at the right side bar during page editing. Card InfoT would have all the areas you need to fill out your card information. As for any quotes, use Card Quotes as it contains both normal quotes and max affection quotes entirely.

I apologize but as this is a new wiki things do get messy and I thought we at least give direction on how the pages are done. Thanks for your time for reading and dealing with my blocks of text x-x;;

I also don't even know if im posting this in the right area.

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