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    Its personal opinion on both 2 parts.

    My friend who cashed several times for VC (quitted for 1 year) told me that he had been surprised when i had been lasted for that long-2 years (actually since 2012 but i changed acc a lots). At 1st, VC was fine when there were not so mamy card games could run on BlueStack and VC suited my taste-fine art and fine game play (Otogi and Ayakashi which had same artist had the best art but they were so boring that i deleted after 1 day). Every changes in VC is ok with me (even a 700 cards/ box summon when Hi-chan came back was still a real nightmare), AAW is quite good when it brings me 1-2 UR tickets, i dont care much about LR or RR while im lazy and dont have enough good decks; and sometime that F/AWs dont …

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    Ranking drama of a f2p

    December 28, 2016 by StarRuin

    Im weak and lazy so i rarely try to rank, but when i want to rank, that event has tough ranking.

    1/ 1st ranking in Mika event. 

    At this time i had Ishikore-Dome as my main attacker, so Diva Mika  was super nice. Farmed days and night, and top 1000 was not so hard.

    2/ Summer end with bang-1 of the most bloody ranking.  

    Niagara has potential broken 2nd skill and she is 10x hits so everybody went on crazy getting her. At first, i did not think about ranking but when i got 2 bonus SR i changed my mind. My team was only GUR Valiant Bellona no armor  and some cool buffer but i could reached top 300 in mid-ranking. However, in the end, i couldnt stand here, ended up with 324. So much satly that i burned allmost swords, shoes, jewels and even skipped…

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    This is my first blog and it is created base on my ideas and other ideas that i collected.

    I would like to talk about new type of skills, but i dont know much about proc rate, activations, or sth like that so i wont mention them. These skills below are may silly, useless or interesting, usefull but overall, they are new ideas, and maybe some day Mynet will make one of these come true.

    Example: Card A has light element and above skill, card B has dark element, enemy C is passion. When A proc skill, B will change to light or cool or passion, or C will change its element. 

    Quite similar to skill 1.  

    Example: Card A have different skill from card B that has this skill. When B's skill  proc, B will copy A's skill and have the same skill with A.   …

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