Im weak and lazy so i rarely try to rank, but when i want to rank, that event has tough ranking.

1/ 1st ranking in Mika event. 

At this time i had Ishikore-Dome as my main attacker, so Diva Mika  was super nice. Farmed days and night, and top 1000 was not so hard.

2/ Summer end with bang-1 of the most bloody ranking.  

Niagara has potential broken 2nd skill and she is 10x hits so everybody went on crazy getting her. At first, i did not think about ranking but when i got 2 bonus SR i changed my mind. My team was only GUR Valiant Bellona no armor  and some cool buffer but i could reached top 300 in mid-ranking. However, in the end, i couldnt stand here, ended up with 324. So much satly that i burned allmost swords, shoes, jewels and even skipped sleep. Now with introduction of MM and MM craf that i have chance to make her GUR someday.

3/ Hi-chan came back. 

Hi-chan is 1 of my favorite and also a salvo so that i want her so badly. However, box summon 700 cards was a real nightmare, she appeared in the bottom of ocean. In case i was unable to make another box, i tried to reach top 300. Like summer end with bang, mid-reanking i was on top 300 but fail after that. Lucky this time i had enough tickets for 2 Hi-chan so i had nothing to complain.

 4/ The Relena's challenge 2 

Well i thought that Relena's challenge 2 was a boring event, no one would care about it so it would be a peace ranking. But i was wrong with top 300, only top 500 and 1000 suited that. So careless to think that i could fly to rank 466 to over rank 300 with 40M on light day. In the end i could only reach around 100M in total and very likely i will fall another time. This time is so despair that i spent all swords, several shoes and 1600 jewels to buy keys, also skipped sleep. Well now RR is given, i see Bright Amaterasu in my present box. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, finally i did it! Im so happy with 1 RR LR and whatever she is, she is my 1st trophy card.       


The blog name can be changed into "ranking in pain". Im tired, and it will be a long time or never til i rank again.    

Noob and weak shouldnt rank, or like me, burns everything and may face situation which u get a little or nothing back.

If you are f2p, prepare your shoes, swords and time. I lost more than 40 shoes, swords (keys arent counted) for ranking and during summer end with bang and relena's challenge 2 i lost 2 days farming of each cause classes. At the reult, i lost free BP which led to lots of pts were missed. 

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