I have started playing this game since April 2013. I loved it back then. But, for some unkown reason, even to me, I stopped playing and returned during maybe the last Halloween event. Ever since returning, I have played this game almost every single day and I knew it was a bad habit. But, I loved the game as it was something that I could invest my time into. I have had my moments of frustration, and my moments of defeat, but this game has really made me happy. Every two weeks a new event would appear, with new beautiful cards to obtain, and to make my units stronger. Now, I'll have you know, I'm picky in every sense but this game clicked with me. But I have enjoyed almost every aspect (stupid RNG >.>) of this game and I stayed with it for over 6 months. And that is a feat for me.

I'd like to thank this wikia though, for giving me a better understanding of the game and providing me with up-to-date card information and tips. It has all helped me so much. I didn't make any friends here (not that anyone would want to be my friend) but I will thank everyone who talked to me, even if it was only for a little bit. <3  I think I'm not getting the same enjoyment out of this game as I used to, and it is a shame. So, I'd like to confidently say that I'm leaving my minor addiction behind. xD

I am giving my account away to anyone who wants it, it is lvl 110 (or something, I don't remember), most buildings are max, or close enough to max, and I may not have great cards or such. But, everyone has their own reasons for wanting something right? Just comment below and I'll arrange a medium over which I can trade my account to you. <3

Thank you for taking my account, at least it is of use to someone else. c: <3

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