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  • SwordSlasherX

    Hello! This is my first blog in anything, so I hope I know what I'm typing about. Note: I'm basically around the Med levels, so I don't know much about the high. BUT I did some research, so don't kill me!

    So basically I am going to type about the Pros and Cons for levels

         Low       l      Med       l      High

    Level 1-40  l  Level 41-80 l  Level 81-120

    Pros about Low Levels:

    - They have a 24 hour unlimited vitality.

    - Can abuse the level up trick for AW.(Meaning they can use up there BP, than level up for more BP, they can do this more often than the Med and High levels.)

    - If joined in a event where the summons rates are high up, they can get their premium summon tickets they got from the quest and maps, and hopefully get a SR or UR.

    - If the player…

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