aka Peonie Lin

  • I live in Sydney,Australia
  • I was born on November 17
  • My occupation is Student
  • I am Female
  • TEmpestfEast

    About Nubee

    December 14, 2014 by TEmpestfEast

    So hiya guys, you probably haven't heard from me in a long long time. So yea so to quicklysum up what I've been doing lately, just chillin and playing VC. But theres been something that has been bugging me a lot,and I meant a lot. So this is kinda gonna be a slight rant.

    Witch Gate

    How many people have tried and hoped for an past AW and FAW drop these insanely LOW drops rates,that may take potentially 200 vit points for a mere 7 encounters? So what I've discovered is don't hope for a drop.  If Nubee intended to allow free players to have a bit of freedom in WG then I'm sure each step wouldn't take 7vit and there would be a lot more encounters. So this new WG idea IMO is pretty much just for paid players T^T its the truth. The biggest pain ac…

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  • TEmpestfEast

    Well new ranking rite, pretty obvious but sure my new highest rank(around 4500) isn't exactly what u would call a "good" rank, but I didn't play very long each day, so it was a achievement for me btu whatever, well next event I'll probably try to rank between 1000-3000 so it take 800k everyday I guess I'm not rlly sure so yeah. So my reasoning I dont really care about rankings though, maybe when I get a fully funtional HSR beatdown team. Yay ^^ So like I can kill FAWs without any trouble at all, rite now I can kill FAWs sometimes, but AWs pretty much 99.99%  of the time. This isn't a post about helping me change my AW team, coz thats supposed to be in the forum, plus I'm happy about my current team, I just wish the my turn skips were HSR m…

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  • TEmpestfEast

    This is really annoying I know it happens to everyone but I keep missing assits when they come, when the assits come im always fighting an AW and then it too late when I reach the assist :( Its not fair How come this happens to me YYYYY

    I swear the RNG hates me now tooooooooo, I used to get at least 1 FAW and AW within 100 kills but not this event I think I jinxed myself. Its just a short rant where Im rlly pissed but thats life, rite 

    And to everyones thats trya ranks gannbatte-ne and guys fighting ^^

    BAIIIIII guys (>_

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  • TEmpestfEast

    So Shadow Magician is gonna be in a box summon. A card that will make me give up my free-player status, its not like it really matters it will probably the only money I will ever spend on the game. Sighs I wish that HUR would come to my within my first 2 summon, but I have a feeling that wont happen if worse comes to worse I might spend $300 just to find the UR all 99 cards. Hopefully I will get the UR. By my calculations to summon all 99 cards is $297 but the thing is to reset it could cost another $297, which would pretty much total it to $600. I know this is stupid but since I’m a stingy Asian kid I will probably only spend $100.

    Yeah if Nubee suddenly decides to give me the HUR really quickly I will spend the rest on rods and save up fo…

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  • TEmpestfEast

    My ON/OFF statuses

    July 28, 2014 by TEmpestfEast

    This is bascially directed to my killers and traders

    So bascially since my new phone is still kinda delayed :( so I'm still using bluestacks which doesnt work at school, I onyl have 3-5 hrs tops hoping that my parents dont find out I'm playing games. So when I just gonna list some statuses I might use

    HW- So this is when I'm doing HW and I will send but I dont need people to send back coz I wont have time to reach them

    School- wont be on for 6+ hours coz I'm at school pretty obvious

    Campaign- I'm campaigning so I won't be sending so you guys dont needa send either that way its fair rite, this status will onyl exsist until I finsh campaign thing or theres a limited enemy thats a turn skip.

    Sleep/Zzz- I'm sleeping pretty obvious so yeah dont send…

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