So when I was opening boxes , the moon background popped up 3 times and was not a circe. ALL THREE TIMES SO DEPRESSING. I got hades, mythic knight and nuwa its so depressing. Well at least I can HSR hades when I finish the chronicles.... SIghs y does circe hate me so much :( Ill well I will get it some day, well at least Nubee was nice to me an gave me a decent AoE buffer Ensemble-chan :) I really do wonder what the new event, the rr will be another pretty UR I miss out on. BUt you know I am quite happy with my improvement from a total noob to an able player. Before I couldn't even dent a FAW but now if im lucky I can do 1 mil now.

But sometimes the AW really hates me it never drops for me ever drops for me. I have the SR I am in desperate need of another. But I haven't even defeated 100 aws so I dont get the rite to complain. Bu hey I have another few days for 1 AW. It hopefully wont be long before Circe-chan decides.

Rare medals something I took for granted until I started to max out my cards what the easiest way to get rare medals. Is bascially just to get medal girls, becuase that would be a lot of medals girls 40/50k divided by 1500 thats around 26 medal girls. Or do I just simply medal useles SRs and Rs but that would also take a long time. Well I realised the other day this process all together will take a long time, due to my lack of medals.

I also took the forced attack and forced defense arcanas for granted. I never knew they were so important I always thought that they were completely useless as I discovered they are useful unless your cards are already maxed out. So therefore their useless for rankers who already have AW/FAW decks that are already maxed out.

Mini-quesion of the week

Which is your favourite RR card?

(-_^) my horrible winking skills eh

much laf ^^ JA NE MINNA-SAN


got 2 leviathan ex with only 21 kills , I have good luck with FAWs not AWs, but I will get there in time, hopefully anyway ^^

Ok it literally went from being ok to lucky I ended up getting Circe like 4 hours later

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