Ok so new event so new stuff, but I never imagined their would be mini-servants to the FAW this means that all my crits and stuff will go to the servants and send dem to my new and SUPER-FRIENDLY FAWK nice rite on top of that I don't even want the FAW, all I want is the AW debuffer Circe. SO new things Archwitch Brew supposely ups the AWs attack by 200% I don't know if this is true coz it hasn't hit me yet hopwfully never...

On top of that the buildings decorations OMG their back I'm so happy that now I can get them coz i missed them when I joined, the build decoration event ended long before I joined. So now I get mini-buildings so happy, YAY!!! ^^ SO anyway I just discovered you have to verse the minion every time you use a battle point isnt that stupid but it makes it more challenging. But I still think every one most hated AW and FAW skill is Archwitch field or maybe FAW AoE. But I like this new event because since I've joined its the first time that there been a debuff AW avaliable for grabs for free-payers like me. Then I can add it as a card for my AW deck, but I need to vs a lot of AW then for the HSR. I didn't get the second toilet ghost that I hoped for but then again my phone broke and couldn't log in for a few days, but then again not really an excuse.

So yeah not many thought on the new event but can someone please tell me y some of the point on the event map have turned to look like the secret area symbol unlike the old castle design.

I might rite some more later but for now JA NE  minna-san 

Arigato for reading please visit again :)


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