So Shadow Magician is gonna be in a box summon. A card that will make me give up my free-player status, its not like it really matters it will probably the only money I will ever spend on the game. Sighs I wish that HUR would come to my within my first 2 summon, but I have a feeling that wont happen if worse comes to worse I might spend $300 just to find the UR all 99 cards. Hopefully I will get the UR. By my calculations to summon all 99 cards is $297 but the thing is to reset it could cost another $297, which would pretty much total it to $600. I know this is stupid but since I’m a stingy Asian kid I will probably only spend $100.

Yeah if Nubee suddenly decides to give me the HUR really quickly I will spend the rest on rods and save up for the next Alliance Duel and burn some rods. I will like try to use every single method of getting a UR card easier. Including opening straight after levelling up and summoning at 12pm JST 1 am for me. I really do hope that I will get Shadow Magician, wish me luck minna-san



So yesterday I just wanted to try my luck with the box summons with just 1 go and I got a R. I will get my Itunes gift card soon though, hopefully I will get it soon. I heard that after about 10 summons theres a really high chance of getting the UR so I'm kinda happy about that, although I saw someone that summoned 98 cards and didn't the UR I feel really sorry for that person though (*_*) I will update again if I get a SR or UR

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