This is bascially directed to my killers and traders

So bascially since my new phone is still kinda delayed :( so I'm still using bluestacks which doesnt work at school, I onyl have 3-5 hrs tops hoping that my parents dont find out I'm playing games. So when I just gonna list some statuses I might use

HW- So this is when I'm doing HW and I will send but I dont need people to send back coz I wont have time to reach them

School- wont be on for 6+ hours coz I'm at school pretty obvious

Campaign- I'm campaigning so I won't be sending so you guys dont needa send either that way its fair rite, this status will onyl exsist until I finsh campaign thing or theres a limited enemy thats a turn skip.

Sleep/Zzz- I'm sleeping pretty obvious so yeah dont send to me when this is on coz I will be useless. But I will rarely use this coz I'm lazy.

Normal IGN- when this is on I bascially have free time and I will send as much as possible and hopefully u guys wll backsend as well

Since I'm not a AWK/FAWK its kinda stupid and some people might think I'm a wannabe but its just that I think its a lot more polite to let people know whats happening. One last thing I try to answer everyones comments with a personalised reply, But if I dont its probably coz I dont have anytime, but I most likely answer by 24hrs ...


BAIIIII Guys thanks for reading mai blog

^^ currently addicted to Fancy 

I'm so FAncCy eh jks but hey its a nice song 


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