Well so I can't really say much coz my phone died but....

I played a few times on my friend's acount and in my opinion I think its next to impossible to get anything from the summons and such, but im only speaking from the opinion from a non-AWK/FAWK just a normal payer that just manages 20 k on 200lv aws. So maybe its just that I don't fight enough aws and faws but I'm fairly sure I've done my fair share of aws kills and faw brushes, but once again from a non-AWK/FAWK.

But one thing I am quite happy about is the secret area, which if i remember correctly you only need to put a multiple ete in your campaign unit and start in 4-3, which means I can have a decent HSR healer coz my healers are all srs not HSR. It just shows my desperateness for a UR or HUR which I sincerely hope I get FOR DA ART. I'm just saying apart from the fact that Kiyohime is 2 proc compared to Multiple eye which is infinte proc, Kiyohime's art is absolutely beautiful, I'm not joking I would sacrifce like literally all my cards, but I don't have most good cards anyway, just HSR ragnarok (newbies luck plus mai wafux10dmg) and HSR uriel not that helpful anyway, and 3 srs bertinas which I need toHSR, is like my only good card well except for ragnarok maybe...

Well that was off-topic.. :3

gomen minna-san ;)

well anyway I really thank Nubee for the sale of yggdrasils,workshops and stuff(I'm not a good at spelling even though I get A's in everything else #asianpower). I already had a magic school though, blew all my jewels on 3 yggdrasils and a workshop. So I might try my non-existent luck on the mini-step up summon thing, coz ain't nobody got time to save 3000 jewels for the last step.

Well the idea of the bingo I like but really.....


I heard the casino slots was wayyyyyyy better. Iwasn't around then started at the end of Maiden In Heaven event and got Journlist for free #freecardsftw #freeplayerftw. Well thanks for reading my super duper long rant about the event. Well good job to all those that get a HUR kiyohime, SUPERJELLY FACE and could you please leave a comment on how many aws and faws do you needa kill in order to get 8 of each, this applies to all people FAWK/AWK, normal peps(hi-five guys dats rite we da cool kids jks),dem cash-players and no-cash but still FAWK/AWK(quick question how is that even possible......) well a reply or answer would be nice:)

Mata ne minna-san, lets continue leveling our kindom and rank :))))))))

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