Well new ranking rite, pretty obvious but sure my new highest rank(around 4500) isn't exactly what u would call a "good" rank, but I didn't play very long each day, so it was a achievement for me btu whatever, well next event I'll probably try to rank between 1000-3000 so it take 800k everyday I guess I'm not rlly sure so yeah. So my reasoning I dont really care about rankings though, maybe when I get a fully funtional HSR beatdown team. Yay ^^ So like I can kill FAWs without any trouble at all, rite now I can kill FAWs sometimes, but AWs pretty much 99.99%  of the time. This isn't a post about helping me change my AW team, coz thats supposed to be in the forum, plus I'm happy about my current team, I just wish the my turn skips were HSR my Ensemble-chan is fine coz she's a 200% AoE buffer, you know pretty rare/hard to HSR, so I'm like casually in the midst of upping her defense, and I finally makxed out Bertina, I was super happy coz like took like 1 or 2 weeks, I can’t rlly  say anything about it, coz yea took a long time compared to what rankers would take. I like wanna rank better but sometimes I feel too ceebs and like just can’t  be bothered you know.

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