So I was wondering what would be the most OP Team if u could choose absolutely ANY CARD AT ALL, including past summons and ranking rewards and such. What would be your LEGENDARY DECK ....

(I ended up using the caps lock button)

So my personal favourite would be a

Blitz Deck 

HSR LILIM MAXED -well DUH like its a blitz deck pretty obvious 

ANOTHER HSR LILIM -not suprising really 

HUR CRIT- there a was a cool card that was in a past summon thing forgot the name.

HUR CRIT from before ....

HUR Miss Lunar Year- its supposed to be another crit I know but its my personal preference I think it would e more effective but idk so yeah.

Other types of decks include beatdown, debuff and glass canon ? So what would be your legendary deck????

BTW if anyone knows the leader or vice of ArtiC Warfare could u please ask them to send me request again because I originally did then I accidently accepted another one when I left the invitation was gone. So I had to join another one ID:6f55a

oh and also my alliance leader deleted the peps that weren online anymore Yay ;)

Almost forgot blob I forgot to wrote about #fail, I finished this at school so yeah I wrote most of this at home yesterday.



I don't really know if this is supposed to be moved to forums but if it is could someone please tell me the correct forum or link it or something ty.

Mata ne minna-san

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