• Toplubdifo


    February 22, 2015 by Toplubdifo

    Bad blog title? yep .-. did that by mistake (so bad)

    Well, i just wanted to share my journey in VC (plus a couple of tips).

    Anyways, i'm a free player who was introduced to this game by my friend (big thanks to her cuz i love it :D). And well, I started off with like no knowledge and for some reason i never really checked the wiki or anything so I kinda learned everything by myself .-. XD and I remember starting off with Birthday and Rose Knight as the most powerful cards and i remember having no resources whatsoever to recruit soldier so that infinite vit was useless XD. Omg and I remember when Cyborg was like my central attacker and I relied on her proc so much...

    Then, later on, I finally found out how to play the game properly and managed t…

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