As anybody who's seen me around on this wikia knows, I have a favorite card that I love to advertise. I love her to death, she's my phone background, and you could call her my "waifu", if that's what you youngsters call it. And I believe that she should get an awakening. 


Why isn't there an Awakening for this card yet

Yes. I am talking about Sea Bishop, the card renowned for its subtle eroticism and the quality of art. If you check out my profile, you can even see that I maxed her. But despite her drop-dead looks, great off-element skill and beautiful linework, not to mention the background, whose simplicity serves as a contrast to the card, there is one thing missing. Besides her clothes and sense of decency (mmbby I love exhibitionism). Awakening.

We all know that awakened cards are the upper echelon of this game's meta. Take Megaera or Huang Long, two very swaggy cards with excellent skills. But the thing is that this feature is limited to only SR and UR cards, and only certain ones at that. Why no awakening for N cards? Nubee clearly needs input from us, their player-base, in order to help our game get better. We need to express what we want. If we keep on asking for card trading, for example, it'll eventually be implemented. Annoyed parents eventually cave to petulant children, after all.  

Here is my proposal for you, my fellow VC'ers. Everybody who supports my opinion, please send a form by carrier pigeon to Nubee's HQ in Japan. It shouldn't be too hard to find; Japan is basically one small island after all. Make sure to express your love for cards such as Adonis and Sea Bishop, and explain how you will quit the game if your demands are not met. Surely if even 100 players meet that demand, Nubee with finally bless our game with the features we want. 


still ordering my pigeon from Amazon

As the leader of this call to arms, I am just waiting for my carrier pigeon to arrive via UPS so I can be the first to send what is hopefully a wave of well-thought-out pleas to Nubee not to steal our money and right to cute grill awakenings. Now I can only hope that I have inspired you all to do the same, and take destiny in our own hands. 

Thank you and have a good day.


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