Why, you may ask?

  • Amazing art
  • Unique and powerful skill with a low-ish proc chance
  • Super squishy with an underwhelming 10080 for SC; this could be helped with awakening
  • Still relatively viable: my deck was Lilim, Huang Long, two Redeyes and a Chocolatier, all maxed; it proved to be a pretty speedy deck as one Lilim + one HL buff allows GURs to hit 999999 damage
  • Old card that hasn't been given an awakening yet - this might be the only chance to get an awakening for her
  • Who doesn't want to be cuckolded by a hot succubus? J-just kidding, it's not like anyone wants that or anything

Anyhow, for those of you who aren't dead on this wikia, I'd like to hear your thoughts on who should be awakened. Who should get one and why?

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