Here's the card and skill game data in JSON format, I'm not sure if they belong on the wiki so I uploaded them to Gist. Feel free to copy them to the wiki but they're a bit long.

Card data:
Skill data:
HD card images:

"card_no" will match the image card number.
"skill_id_1" and "skill_id_2" will be linked to "_id" in the skill data file.

I updated the stats for a few cards that you can use as an example on how to use the data.

id 2790-2791
id 2792-2793
id 2794-2795

Edit: I just noticed that the max stats for the evolved cards only show the stat without the 30% bonus. So you'll need to add 30% of the original max value to the evolved cards's max value. Thanks to Gorou for correcting the stats.

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