• Tyrean

    Okay so hi guys! I've been playing VC for quite some time and yeah like alot of people I'm extremely disappointed with the new update so uhm just hear me out will ya? I promise it won't be boring :3

    Okay so for starters we have this new feature Witch Gate. Yeap pretty nepat huh? We will be able to get more OP GSR?GUR cards :D oh oh and past AWs too :D NO! I mean, 7 vits per step? What's up with that seriously nubee. This is worse than Sulis event, and people have been complaining about that for ages. I know that there's an option of ignoring it, but hello, there's also an option of ignoring the high vit area that has Sulis, but yet still people are complaning. Okay so, hmmm you might say that we don't need the GSR/GUR cards that requires us…

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