So last event I ranked for Vaan and the Galaxy's Glory and I was exhausted so I decided not to rank in the next event no matter what it might be. Then new even came in and i was relieved that I could relax and settle for bronze armor. But then after experimenting in the Elemental Hall with Hiraga because I heard that Hiraga could be more effective in the Elemental Hall than Halloween Hades and I wanted to see it for myself, I was at the rank 543. I couldn't stop thinking about whether to go all the way and rank for the top 100 and get the gold or just settle for the silver armor. I have not ranked in the top 100, my hi1ghest rank was 119, so I'm wondering if I'm wasting my time switching gears mid-event.
Any advice would be appreciated also would anyone be interested if I continued in doing daily blogs like this? I would usually talk about short stories and opinions or random things or updates on the game, or maybe daily blogs would be too often. Perhaps we can change it to a weekly blog then.

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