So with the new event under way I was really surprised to see that they added the Archwitch Core and the Guaranteed UR Ticket into the game. I'm was pretty excited about it when they said that the Archwitch Cores didn’t disappear after an event was over, especially with the Guaranteed UR Ticket being in the exchange. What I also find interesting is that they are guaranteed to drop from Archwitches and Fantasy Archwitches, so grinding for them seems feasible at the moment. Last event I was able to defeat around 450 Archwitches and 250 Fantasy Archwitches, although this may be a little exaggerated since I was trying to rank in the top 300, so thinking that I can get results like this, every event is a little too optimistic, but getting 950 Archwitch Cores every event seems nice to think about though. At that rate it would only take four or five events to get a Guaranteed UR Ticket which is pretty nice for free players.

On a different note the LAW has an interesting skill and it’s nice that she is a dark element, although she is a little trickier than I expected. I thought using three skill activators, one super buffer and an 80% attack debuffer would be enough but I guess not. But that's ok, I like experimenting and trying out new teams, I will just keep fine tuning until I find the right match to fight against her. I'm thinking of trying out Summer Snow, normally I would think her secondary skill would interfere with activating other skills, but in this situation it might work. Also I have a story or two that the Witch Gate can be a faster method of obtaining brittle keys rather than bonus areas, I was hoping that I could test if this was true in this event, but there is no elemental hall this time. I suppose it’s because the event is too short, but there is always the next event though.

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