This event has been nice, lately I have been inactive because of school and summer classes, but I think I have finally gotten my schedule under control and I can play and post regularly. I am trying to rank in the top 300 this event and I think I might to be able to pull it if can somehow get some brittle keys, because I just ran out yesterday. So far I was able to get 7000 seashells, I’m not sure if that is a lot or not for the top 300 but I was able to get two Summer Alchemist from it so I’m happy. Although I wonder if that was a good idea or not because, I could have just gotten the other Summer Alchemist from ranking rewards and used the other 3000 seashells for other things. Maybe I was just scarred that I would drop too far and be unable to get one. On a different note I am excited Fenrir will also be in the next event as well, I never got the normal Fenrir from any summons but when Howling Fenrir came out I was pretty happy about it, so in the next event I hope it will be just as exciting.

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