hi all, my IGN is (CnD) Nocost. just wanted to say a big thank you to all my senders/traders out there, if u are using wikia pls see this hoohoo T.T . This is the first time i am ranking because i wan that UR so badly, SO CUTE AHAHAHA :3 (aiming for top 500).  i want to say that Qilin is such a baddy, she doesn't want to appear even after i killed 18 bicorns in a row... and thats why i have no faw to send grghh i hate u Qilin...

So, to all my beloved traders out there who send me so many faws even though i can;t send back that many, THANK YOU I LOVE U ALL MUACK <3, to name a few, Tachibana, AF Yan, RA restia(old name)TRD, and some other ppl who have chinese or jap names sorry idk how to type LOL. pls forgive me for not being able to send so many faws, its not that i don want, its Qilin doesn;t want to appear :(

so yea, sorry for this long post, but thank you to all my comrades u guys are awesome!!! 

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