• VP-Master

    New mini Event

    January 24, 2015 by VP-Master

    Hey guys, 

    my girlfriend wanted a card that I get twice and she needed it, but there is no way to transfer to her,

    so we get the idea that it would be very cool if there is a little event, where somebody can trade his/her cards with the friends in his or her list.

    Maybe you can trade a maximum of ten cards but you don't have to, for example an old player who have to much cards can give you them and you give him one or two UR cards back that he/she needs.

    It goes 2 or 3 days and maybe first trade is free and next is 100 jewels or like that.

    Now we wanted to ask you, wether this idea is possible or useless.

    Good answers and feedback of you would be nice ;)

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