• Vangui

    I am pretty sure some people noticed it. If you go to Google Play now, you will find only three Nubee games: Valkyrie Crusade, Coin Pirates and Moodie Foodie (closing in January).

    On November, Nubee announced that they are going to close most of their games on January, like most of the Coins games minus Pirates, Monster Blade, Japan Life and The Knights of Mira Molla. The games were removed from Google Play on December (you can still play them if you have them until January 6). Moodie Foodie's closing was announced this month and is closing a little later.

    Probably you are thinking, “VC is safe, so there is nothing to worry”, but looking at the situation, I wouldn't be so optimistic.

    So, to give you all a clear vision of what I am trying to s…

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