• VeiRetning

    Tower Event Brief Runthrough

    The following is a Brief Runthrough for the Tower Event for people who are still new or just have tried a bit of the Tower Event. Players who already played a lot or rush through the event probably won't find much new info here.

    - This whole event is about getting to as high Floor(Which determines your ranking like Subjugation Points) as you can by defeating the enemy.

    - Each time you defeat the Final Boss of a floor, you get Floor Passes which basically increase the Floor you are at by that amount. There are also other rewards like Cards, Awakening Materials, Arcanas and BP Restore.

    - There are 4 difficulties, Beginner, Intermediate, Advance, Extreme. They require you to have 1,2,3,4 Teams respectively and …

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  • VeiRetning

    Using Guaranteed UR Tickets is always an exciting moment in the game, we always wonder what will we get from the ticket. It gets more exciting when there is an Abyssal Archwitch Hunt around the corner, where we get a shot at getting a bunch of them! :)

    Below is a classification of how good a draw is based on the current meta of the game(As of June 2017) and the card quality in GUR form.

    Disclaimer - How good a draw is might be different for you base on your current collection/needs, requirements and taste ;)

    Best Draws(Part of the Meta) *Mirror Maiden Worthy*
    - Ixtab (9-12x MultiHitter)
    - Any 10x MultiHitters(E.g. Poison Tea, Formula)
    - 650%+ Single Element Att Buffers (E.g. Warrior Pup)
    - 400%+ All Element Att Buffers (E.g. Bomby)
    - Full Team (Singl…

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  • VeiRetning

    Update: There is now a Wiki page on this subject, Campaign Resource, which contains more details.

    Original Blog

    As I can't find any info on the Wiki on this, I decided to work out the details myself. I am also not familiar with creating a table in the wiki, so  uploaded a picture to display the details instead. :)

    The main purpose/use of this list is for maximizing Shoe/Twitter(Vitality) usage when a Bonus Area appear so we won't use more than what is needed and waste the extras.

    Below info is based on the commonly used VC Event Map template

    - For SA(Special Area) it could be either 600 Vitality (40 Steps at 15 Vitality Each) or 1,350 Vitality (90 Steps at 15 Vitality Each)
    - For the event where there are 4 areas (1 of each element) at the e…

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  • VeiRetning

    Occasionally Mynet gets generous and gives us a free UR Mirror Maiden or we finally earned enough ABB Rings/UR Mirror Maiden Shards to exchange for one. As the UR Mirror Maiden is quite rare, we would not want to waste her and use her on a less ideal card. The list below gives an idea what are the possible UR Mirror Maiden worthy UR Cards.

    Disclaimer - What is worthy might be different for you base on your needs, requirements and taste ;)

    Note: Many cards belong to more than 1 category below which increases the value of that card for UR Mirror Maiden considerations.

    Without Further Ado here is the list(Skills are after becoming GUR) in no particular order

    - Any 9x or higher Multihitter(E.g. Halloween Hades)
    - Card with unique and less commonly a…

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  • VeiRetning

    My very first Blog, pardon me if there's any mistakes.

    Let's say if we are already planning to buy the 3 Shoe/2 Sword package from the shop for 300 jewels and buying 2 of them, that will cost us 600 jewels total.

    By spending 900 jewels to do the 1st time LR summon, we are getting 110 Maiden Tickets which if we add 10 more Maiden Tickets to make it 120, we can trade the 120 Maiden Tickets for 3 Shoes/2 Swords two times which is 600 jewels worth in the shop.

    That means

    1. If we don't count the additional topping up of 10 Maiden Ticket, and
    2. Assuming we plan to buy the 3 shoe/2 sword package two times for 600 jewels

    We are actually spending only 300 jewels for a try at 11 cards, which although not likely, gives us a chance to summon the LR card. Beside…

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