My very first Blog, pardon me if there's any mistakes.

Let's say if we are already planning to buy the 3 Shoe/2 Sword package from the shop for 300 jewels and buying 2 of them, that will cost us 600 jewels total.

By spending 900 jewels to do the 1st time LR summon, we are getting 110 Maiden Tickets which if we add 10 more Maiden Tickets to make it 120, we can trade the 120 Maiden Tickets for 3 Shoes/2 Swords two times which is 600 jewels worth in the shop.

That means

  1. If we don't count the additional topping up of 10 Maiden Ticket, and
  2. Assuming we plan to buy the 3 shoe/2 sword package two times for 600 jewels

We are actually spending only 300 jewels for a try at 11 cards, which although not likely, gives us a chance to summon the LR card. Besides that, we also have a chance at the event SR Booster(And other SRs and URs) which have a higher chance compared to the LR to be summoned.

Definitely a decent value in my opinion.

  • This article is focusing on just the value of First Time LR Summon at 900 Jewels specifically and does not factor in the Fever utilization*

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