Update: There is now a Wiki page on this subject, Campaign Resource, which contains more details.

Original Blog

As I can't find any info on the Wiki on this, I decided to work out the details myself. I am also not familiar with creating a table in the wiki, so  uploaded a picture to display the details instead. :)

The main purpose/use of this list is for maximizing Shoe/Twitter(Vitality) usage when a Bonus Area appear so we won't use more than what is needed and waste the extras.

Below info is based on the commonly used VC Event Map template

Map Vitality Consumption No SA

Map Area Vitality Details

- For SA(Special Area) it could be either 600 Vitality (40 Steps at 15 Vitality Each) or 1,350 Vitality (90 Steps at 15 Vitality Each)
- For the event where there are 4 areas (1 of each element) at the end, those areas requires 1,350 Vitality each (90 Steps at 15 Vitality per Step)

Hope it will be a handy reference for those who find it useful and feel free to leave your comments/questions :)

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