• Winterminto


    We all know that Alliance Duel is on-going. The most anticipated duel for all Alliances who wishes to rank up, assigning new roles for their members. And yes, that's the only current way to do it.

    I am pretty much cool with my current alliance right now, there a lot of friendly users who took care of me when I was new, so on and forth.

    Until this very day one thing that pisses me off was that the departure of some alliance members.

    Normally, I do understand the fact that our alliance is not Donation of R cards is a must everyday integrated alliance, and it may not suit any players who wants the HSR of the goddess offering faster. Secondly, it was open to everyone, in fact everyone can join our alliance without approval, so we get random …

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  • Winterminto


    I don't really know how should I start this. I've been on and off in wiki lately; and read a whole chain of players either writing a blog post about Kiyohime being 2 procs and ranting about their disappointment. As much as most players like myself expected her to be infinite procs, but to think of it again -- it's a free UR after all.

    UR, means Ultimate Rare. Which means? It is currently the top tier rarity of this game, and can once obtained by summoning. But now, Nubee makes it to the point that it's a player milestone reward. Why, of course, it's gotta have their stats a tad bit lower than the summoned UR, and also the skill must be slightly nerfed.

    Ordinary players like us, wishes ourselves to get the best cards, whether you're u…

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  • Winterminto


    I've began writing my own personal thoughts of Valkyrie Crusade every now and then, but I would write one blog post when I feel I really need to - sometimes to rant, or sometimes just my opinion I wanted to voice out to everybody.

    Terror Town is latest event of VC, and once again Nubee carried along the tradition of player milestone campaign by introducing us the 2nd UR FAW - Kiyohime. Free players, rejoice.

    As a free player myself I couldn't ask for more freebies, and the UR FAW is one thing that makes us bored players coming back, and I decided to give this event a chance.

    Nubee is trying to make it's comeback by including the bingo along the current event, however looking at the prizes.... *sigh*

    And my routine starts again, sitting in…

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  • Winterminto

    I haven't been visiting the wiki lately, and have been inactive in the game itself. No, I'm not busy with anything in real life, it's vacation for me and most dedicated VC players would definitely spend the entire vacation trying to get into rankings. It's exceptional for me, and even if I am bored, I wouldn't go back playing VC like I were.

    Reason? Pretty much simple. Boring. 

    There is too much repetitive events such as new event maps, FAWs, Box summons, alliance duels. This game used to be fun because there is always a switch a-round of events - from new maps to limited enemies to alliance battles or the joker event. There is no such thing as box summons back then. Alliance Battles are much more fun than timed Alliance duels which only lasts…

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  • Winterminto

    I currently own 2 accounts in VC, so I lost one of them a few days ago because of transferring devices using Facebook. I was doing fine with this account when I decided to transfer it to my iPod when I was going to bed. I tapped Data Transfer and the Facebook icon, and it transfers. And then, my account was disconnected from my phone, and instead of my account that I was supposed to see in my iPod, it gave me a dummy account. I tried transferring from Facebook again, and it gave me Unable to find Nubee ID that is connected and it has been like that for days now. I sent an email to Nubee immediately and it didn't reply me over the weekends, so I assumed that Nubee Support isn't open during the weekend. 

    And so today is Monday, didn't reply me ei…

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