We all know that Alliance Duel is on-going. The most anticipated duel for all Alliances who wishes to rank up, assigning new roles for their members. And yes, that's the only current way to do it.

I am pretty much cool with my current alliance right now, there a lot of friendly users who took care of me when I was new, so on and forth.

Until this very day one thing that pisses me off was that the departure of some alliance members.

Normally, I do understand the fact that our alliance is not Donation of R cards is a must everyday integrated alliance, and it may not suit any players who wants the HSR of the goddess offering faster. Secondly, it was open to everyone, in fact everyone can join our alliance without approval, so we get random new members each time we had a spot.

Leaving is optional, it's fully reasonable, I don't blame any member who withdraw our alliance, but, what if, their reason of leaving is because we lost in Alliance Duel, and we couldn't attain the Guaranteed SR ticket. And what's worse, they did not participate in the Alliance Duel at all. 

I checked the logs every now and then - no flames beside their name, no participation, though they logged in during that time of the Duel. Voila. They left because we lost one round. 

Alliance Duels are really timed, and also occur in different timings, for an hour. I couldn't aprehend the timings for each duel, due to the fact that I was busy with my school work. 

I was really frustrated that point of time, and at least 3 members withdrew. But now I guess, I'm okay with anything, and decided to pen down my experiences here. 

Do anyone else experienced this in your alliance?

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