I currently own 2 accounts in VC, so I lost one of them a few days ago because of transferring devices using Facebook. I was doing fine with this account when I decided to transfer it to my iPod when I was going to bed. I tapped Data Transfer and the Facebook icon, and it transfers. And then, my account was disconnected from my phone, and instead of my account that I was supposed to see in my iPod, it gave me a dummy account. I tried transferring from Facebook again, and it gave me Unable to find Nubee ID that is connected and it has been like that for days now. I sent an email to Nubee immediately and it didn't reply me over the weekends, so I assumed that Nubee Support isn't open during the weekend. 

And so today is Monday, didn't reply me either :( Almost evening now.. I doubt they would actually assist me. 

How long does it usually takes for a reply from them?

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