I haven't been visiting the wiki lately, and have been inactive in the game itself. No, I'm not busy with anything in real life, it's vacation for me and most dedicated VC players would definitely spend the entire vacation trying to get into rankings. It's exceptional for me, and even if I am bored, I wouldn't go back playing VC like I were.

Reason? Pretty much simple. Boring. 

There is too much repetitive events such as new event maps, FAWs, Box summons, alliance duels. This game used to be fun because there is always a switch a-round of events - from new maps to limited enemies to alliance battles or the joker event. There is no such thing as box summons back then. Alliance Battles are much more fun than timed Alliance duels which only lasts one hour. And when our alliance loses? Members leaving. Okay, I'm not going to that point. 

I'm not against FAW - yes when it was first introduced in the Cacao event it was tough, I get embered and sort. It's drop rates are higher. But now, I see it as a common thing, I killed it easily all by myself, FAW is not even that challenging anymore.

Box summons is another flaw. I know cashers who read this are going to say that it is only fair when you have the money to spare. I know. I know all of that. But isn't it a little too much to spend in a game? It is almost 600USD, i don't know. i don't exactly count. I count for the rates of getting a HUR. For free players like me, you know that feeling. You know you felt inferior about such nice cards being put into box summons and you will never get one.

Finally, I'm writing this post to express my personal opinions towards the game itself. I'm not flaming anyone here, it is based on my personal experiences. 

4 million mark event is coming up, not sure if nubee is kind enough to release another UR FAW

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