I've began writing my own personal thoughts of Valkyrie Crusade every now and then, but I would write one blog post when I feel I really need to - sometimes to rant, or sometimes just my opinion I wanted to voice out to everybody.

Terror Town is latest event of VC, and once again Nubee carried along the tradition of player milestone campaign by introducing us the 2nd UR FAW - Kiyohime. Free players, rejoice.

As a free player myself I couldn't ask for more freebies, and the UR FAW is one thing that makes us bored players coming back, and I decided to give this event a chance.

Nubee is trying to make it's comeback by including the bingo along the current event, however looking at the prizes.... *sigh*

And my routine starts again, sitting in my room and tapping my phone for a thousand times. But a thousand more times this time round. 

That latency, that loading speed each time I've defeated an AW, each time I'm opening for my AW reward. It's much more slower than before.

I was frustrated, knowing that I've got limited time for this AW Hunting, and I really wanted that UR. I wonder what happened? I kept pondering that question, and I skimmed through the News, and found out that server is overloading.

Now, I really don't know if I've got the patience to endure this latency throughout this whole event or I don't even know if I can even get any SRs, URs in this event. I was excited, but disappointed. My luck is horrible, and I felt really discouraged. My internet/wi-fi/4G is extremely fine and running smoothly. 

Anyhow, I'm not disappointed in the event,  though I am indeed disappointed that the beautiful Xuan Nu is a box summon, and the massive lag latency.


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