Hey, everyone. As you can see, I made a wikia account here just for this blog post purpose. I need advices from you veterans here.

I joined Valkyrie Crusade in mid-january and is still playing it now. I managed to get Artemis, and HSR-ed it. I've been using her ever since the day I got her HSR, my team improves bit by bit, and now, I found her easy to die in this event. It could be because of the Passion element theme in this event's archwitches.

Now, I need everyone's advice in replacing Artemis to a better card. Preferrably Crit attackers and a Cool element. My team consists mainly of Cool Element - 1* SR Himiko, 2 HUR Oracle Ascendant, 1 HSR Lilim, and 1 HSR Artemis(which I am considering to replace her now). 

These are the list of the Cool Element(excluding the cards in my deck above) cards I currently own:

  • HSR Agreas
  • SR White Night
  • SR Spade
  • SR Snowman MK II
  • HSR Dragon Princess
  • SR Sandalphon
  • HSR Matrix

List of Crit cards(regardless of Element) I currently own:

  • 1* SR Scylla
  • SR Snow White
  • HSR Elisabeth
  • HSR Sophie
  • HSR Ragnarok(which I am planning to Amalgamate with Perfect evolution.)

That is all I can list now, I really hope someone could reply me here. Thank you for your time and have a nice day.

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