• XerathWasTaken

    WARNING: This is a joke guide for entertainment purposes only.

    Welcome to my first guide! So you're a player on valkyrie crusade who strives to become good at the game to get those juicy rewards in tier 100, correct? Then look no further becuase this guide is the absolute "BEST" *cough* worst *cough* in the business!

    Jewels: These purple beauties are what are going to score you the ability to advance in the game as fast as possible. They are "premium currency" if you'd like. You want to go prioritising spending these on:

    1. Buying resources (ether, gold & iron).
    2. Recovering soldiers.
    3. Speeding up building times.
    4. And finally, blowing them all on the slot *scam* summon!

    Spending your jewels in these areas will really allow you to start your journey on the p…

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