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  • Xkisanagi

    For shits, I came back to this game only to try out this new Treasure Hunt Mini-Game/feature.

    TL;DR: If you're someone that doesn't mind waiting a very long time to get the chance at decent rewards, then this is an alright little mini-game to waste your time with. Especially if you have leftover gems and nothing to spend them on. You can absolutely play this mini-game freely & leisurely, but spending will give you a quick advantage.


    - You can obtain decent rewards: Skill recipe materials, Awakening Stones, UR & a LR available in the Treasure Map

    - Eventually you can scrounge up enough Hidden Treasure to exchange for rewards, much like AW Cores

    - LR can possibly be earned via the Treasure Map (with the potential for the rate to increase fo…

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  • Xkisanagi

    (Rant) Salty over LAWs

    August 30, 2016 by Xkisanagi

    Before you read any further - This is a gonna be a big 'ol rant. There will be salty tears shed over virtual rewards here, and if you can't handle that, turn back now. ===So, without further ado; onward to the complaining:=== ( ̄ヘ ̄ メ)

    • I f**king freaking fracking hate LAWs now with a passion 凸(>皿
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  • Xkisanagi

    I couldn't see the appeal of EH at first; probably because I struggled to get keys, and then struggled to do battles. But now that I've got decent teams to do the Advanced run-through for each element day, I love EH.

    F2P Grinding - 120 Keys before EH even opened. BA farming during EH days netted me another 30~ keys. So after spending 100~ keys [50 left], I've gotten:

    • 98 Houri
    • 47 Mia
    • 30 Jubilee Hostess
    • 21 Phanuel
    • More stones/slimes/N&R cards than the eye can see
    • No Drum Major, but that's okay - because I've gotten enough material to make 6 HUR. 

    Also, all those left over SR turned into sweet, sweet medals. 200k~ worth of medals.

    + Last EH got me 4 HUR Dainsleif [3/4 Awoken so far!] + more delicious SR medals.

    I wasn't even planning on going nuts with…

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