Before you read any further - This is a gonna be a big 'ol rant. There will be salty tears shed over virtual rewards here, and if you can't handle that, turn back now. ===So, without further ado; onward to the complaining:=== ( ̄ヘ ̄ メ)

  • I f**king freaking fracking hate LAWs now with a passion 凸(>皿<)凸

I think I'm the only person in my alliance in the past 3 events that hadn't gotten a single damn drop. Nearly every day in the alliance chat or message board, someone would be complaining about "all these damn Summer Snow I keep getting - I hate her! Go away!"  Meanwhile, I sit there on my pile of garbage (N) & (R) cards. Last event, I found 50+ of my own LAW, combined that with a bazillion assists and that's well over 100 LAW. I aced a good portion of them. I also 0bp finished a good amount too. (Finished as in, being the 1st to actually down the LAW & get the finishing points).

But I got squat.

Not even troll moons.

Not a single Ultimate summon ticket.

And everyone else gets UR after UR after UR. 

Jimmies rustled hard. (੭ ˃̣̣̥ ㅂ˂̣̣̥)੭ु

Today, before the point cut-off I had already hit 12 LAW. Only 2 I didn't ace/kill. Already other members have gotten Nagatsuki. The real nail in the coffin is that usually someone gets a drop off my own LAW and I can't even get Arcana lol.

I'm actually considering leaving my alliance just so my drops stop getting sniped. Before I joined a more active alliance, I actually got LAW drops. I switched alliances right after Arpa and that's when the drops just stopped. Every event prior (starting from Hiraga) I was always able to get at least 2 copies of the LAW between both events. You'd think more players spawning LAW = more drops? Apparently for everyone except me.

I've got a little black rain-cloud of bad luck that sits over my LAW chests. Just my LAW chests, because I drop mad SR from F/AWs, EH and those Limited Enemy encounters. [Seriously, I have to medal all my Slimes as well as sitting on 500k+ medals because I have nothing to use them on!] (*`益´*)

- - -

Anyways. I can only hope my whining can be an appeal to the Great RNGesus to bless with me 2, just 2 (please I just want 1 GUR!) Nagatsuki before this event is over. Or I'll cry again.

Pls RNGesus, I want LAW drops. m(。≧Д≦。)m

  • If you've read this far, sorry! Feel free to cry along with me if you also suffer from bad drops; together we can revel in our saltiness and throw small rocks at the lucky people. [Just kidding on that last part, I won't hurt anyone].

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