Error bluestacks

Oh my, I really want that Summer Oracle -_-

I had to update Google Play in order to proceed. So I did and it succeed. While playing I got this "Unfortunately, Google Play has stopped working" message once in a while, but it didn't bother me until I had to force close Bluestacks because of this message (I accidently clicked the take screenshot symbol). Since then, I can't even reach VC's intro page or sometimes even before that, which makes me unable to play at all. I tried to restart my laptop and I got a message to update my Google Play and then I got the same error message again. I have reinstalled both Bluestacks and Valkyrie Crusade, to no avail. Can anyone help me? :(

Btw, I just come back after almost a month long of vacation. I was so excited because I have my laptop repaired. What a bad way to start <_<

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