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    Teams and Skills

    April 5, 2015 by ZeroModeXD

    Now that i have experience on my 1st blog i have come to create a more greater content and more efficient.

    This blog consists of 2 topics that have been out for a while and have been talked a lot in my experience and have been also talked about by other bloggers.Just want to make a response blog here are the pages that i have been referring too:HERE1  HERE2

    This topic is mainly directed to FANMADE skills and possible teams with that card


    Rejuvenate:Heals 3% of your HP every round(infinite proc)

    Destruction:Destructs itself and  Makes the opponents hp lower by 35%/5% (cannot be revived again/1 proc)

    Thief:+1% chance of getting SR drops/10% (1 proc)

    Jump:Takes 20% hp and takes 20% of enemies hpp(2 procs)

    Escapeed:Flee/No health damage…

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  • ZeroModeXD

    Just to make sure no one misunderstood:

    Why create this blog when there is already an alliance page?This blog helps you in joining and picking the right alliance for you.

    Then why not just put all the things that are not on the alliance page?In creating a blog you should put all the little details even if it's known.

    Is this blog guaranteed to help me in my journey?Yes!But not all of these work out so don't Complatin(Complaining+Hating) .

    Are you just going to leave this blog?No!I'll keep udpating till it has more information yet to unfold.

    I don't know what alliance to choose do you know?Add me on line Id: ZenZeroXD

    What alliances did you join? Scatmen-FaerieDust-NekoNyanKurabu-CrimsonWing-Fairytail(Now)

    Hi I'm Zero.

    I created this blog because i…

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