Now that i have experience on my 1st blog i have come to create a more greater content and more efficient.

This blog consists of 2 topics that have been out for a while and have been talked a lot in my experience and have been also talked about by other bloggers.Just want to make a response blog here are the pages that i have been referring too:HERE1  HERE2

This topic is mainly directed to FANMADE skills and possible teams with that card


Rejuvenate:Heals 3% of your HP every round(infinite proc)

Destruction:Destructs itself and  Makes the opponents hp lower by 35%/5% (cannot be revived again/1 proc)

Thief:+1% chance of getting SR drops/10% (1 proc)

Jump:Takes 20% hp and takes 20% of enemies hpp(2 procs)

Escapeed:Flee/No health damage/15%(1 proc)

Here are the teams that you could make using these brand new skills:

XD Team-3 destructions,1 thief,1 escapped

Heal team-1 revive/heal,1 rejuvenate,1 unleasher,2 buffer

Now moving on this topic is real and non imaginary

(Though Awakened cards are the best cards for you and you can do any teams here are the teams that i've tried to use)

Good FAWK/AUB Team that aren't that used much/either hard to get cards:

Unleasher team:4 unleasher,1 attack buffer

AOE'd team;1 AOE,3 attack buffers,1 nullification

Turn Skip team:1 turn skip,1 nullification,3 attack buffers

Risk team:1 Single attack buffer,3 attack buffers,1 nullifcation

Any team is good -As said by one commentator 

If you expiriment with your cards you will definitely get your perfect team^ _^

That's all i have to say this is just my opinion and this isn't 100% chance that you will win an FAW since luck is the only way for you to win

Special thanks to:

Polysium(our leader) and Kuseida Minori for those great ideas maybe nubee might see your fanmadeskills

I treat people with right but not those who offend 

Make sure to leave a comment if i done goofed,As much as possible if your going to comment a negative/improvement please be as nice as you can while typing those words.No person wants be hurt and teased at
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