I received multiple jackpots in one (extended) chance time session and what is peculiar is that all of them appeared in the same place.  See the video:

Jackpot after jackpot after jackpot..02:47

Jackpot after jackpot after jackpot... in same position?!

So this was quite peculiar and someone told me that the elemental hall panel rewards are rigged, as in you can choose whatever you want, the game gives you (and shows you) the pre-determined prize regardless of which panel you choose. It seems to make sense because I have been choosing the central tile every time (at least starting with the central tile).  

This may be true but, to me, there doesn't seem to be a way to test this because even if that's the case when you close the game (prize appear in your box), this could be a error-correcting mechanism, as in they give you rewards at random when such a crash is detected but continue using the normal panel rewards when the game runs normally.  There's no way to tell, short of looking at the code.

I hope this isn't the case, because it removes the "magic" of choosing the panel and looking forwad to the rewards, which is something I super enjoy!

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