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Newest Cards
Feb 22 2017
Inspired Relena icon

Inspired Relena

Leisurely Relena icon

Leisurely Relena

Guardian Relena icon

Guardian Relena

Magical Relena icon

Magical Relena

Hyper Chimry icon

Hyper Chimry

Super Chimry H icon

Super Chimry

Chimry (New) icon

Chimry (New)

Slime Queen+ icon

Slime Queen+

Courtney icon


Flower Elf icon

Flower Elf

Feb 16 2017
Aludra icon


Feb 13 2017
Quebec icon


Lantz icon


Flashdance Lantz H icon

Flashdance Lantz

Dancer's Hair Ornament H icon

Dancer's Hair Ornament

Oruro icon


Bondage Babe icon

Bondage Babe

Belly Dancer icon

Belly Dancer

Mascotte icon


Feb 10 2017
Mega Mover icon

Mega Mover

Dimension Hacker icon

Dimension Hacker

Dimension Fiancee G icon

Dimension Fiancee

Dimensional Dress H icon

Dimensional Dress

Feb 9 2017
Drink Master icon

Drink Master

Card Collector icon

Card Collector

Feb 6 2017
True Victoria icon

True Victoria

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Archwitch Ranking
Sleepy Hades

Sleepy Hades

Sleepy Hades H

Valkyrie Crusade Wiki
Welcome to the unofficial wiki for Valkyrie Crusade. New contributors are always welcome, so join the community and share your knowledge with others!
About Policy
Step-Up Summon
Courtney Courtney
☆Bloody Saw
Deal 400% Dark icon DMG to all enemies after an attack / Unable to move 3 turns / Can't be nullified / 30% chance / Max 3 times
Flower Elf Flower Elf
☆Honey Candy
All Dark icon allies' ATK 700% • DEF 50% up / 20% chance
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